“End Suffering From Anxiety In 42 Minutes”

After 30 years of working with people suffering from Anxiety! After tens of thousands of sessions performed 1 on 1! Now you can get FREEDOM from anxiety in 42 minutes -- without spending years in therapy, without relying on mind altering drugs, without even leaving your home!

Dear Friend,

Do you struggle with one or more of the following?

  • Being unable to stop your crushing negative, self-destructive thoughts?
  • Unbearable anxiety in social settings?
  • Always feeling like you are unable to speak your mind with self-assuredness?
  • Exhaustion from always feeling like a victim?
  • Chronic heart thumping fear of facing common daily activities?
  • Distant and strained relationships with your family, friends and loved ones due to intense anxiety?
  • Frustration from an inability to manage your anxiety properly?

Suffering from Anxiety is Running Your Life

If you said yes to any of the above, then anxiety is truly playing a significant role in your life.

You are not alone.

I understand the cold sweats, the racing pulse, and feeling like your heart is beating out of your chest. I know you suffer from unbearable tension headaches and backaches, a tight jaw, and a churning stomach.

I understand how anxiety critically reduces the quality of your life, how limited your life has become. The limitations it has put on your friendships, your family, and your social life. I fully understand so many of you have anxiety about flying in an airplane, going to the dentist, taking a test, dating and flirting or even leaving the house. I understand that you are afraid of the future and that you are having a lot of thoughts about how bad it could be.

It is pervasive throughout all areas of your life. It affects your relationships and how you relate to others. It affects your health and your ability to stay calm and relaxed in situations where there is no real danger. It affects your ability to make the kind of money that truly meets your real potential.

Think for a moment: What will your life be like in 5, 10 even 15 years if you never took care of this Anxiety that is controlling your life?

  • What kind of RELATIONSHIPS will you have?
  • What kind of career and financial SUCCESS will you have?
  • How much ENJOYMENT and FULFILLMENT will you be getting out of life?
  • How much FREEDOM will you have in life?

Looking at your future self, who has never gotten rid of your anxiety, ask yourself: “Is this the life I always dreamed of? Is this the life I deserve?

Free Yourself From The MISERY Of Anxiety

Now,  imagine living the rest of your life without this uncontrolled anxiety running the show.

Imagine yourself:

  • Enjoying life free from the prison of Anxiety!
  • Engaging in your relationships with friends, family and loved ones
  • Being the happy, positive, loving person that you know exists deep down but feared was gone
  • Finally feeling that you are on your way to a more satisfying life
  • Enjoying the fruits of your accomplishments: more money, more freedom and more success

You Can Have All Of This…TODAY

Yes, today you can download my program in minutes and get immediate benefits.

By getting rid of your anxiety, you like my clients, will be able to:

  • Turn off the inner panic button
  • Never worry about stopping a sudden rush of adrenalin from turning into blinding panic
  • Become more relaxed in general and create a balance
  • Finally feel an inner calm and confidence in social settings
  • Confidently speak your mind with an inner smile
  • Deeply enjoy your most important relationships
  • Masterfully take tests with the calm and inner peace you need
  • …and much more

Here is the bottom line: if you want something different for your life, then you need to do something different. The truth is, the fact that you have read this page to this point means you obviously really want to change. You do want to change. You must want to change, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading these words.

Yes, You Really Can End Anxiety Today, in 42 Minutes

So, who am I and why can I make such a claim?

My name is Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, founder of MyTherapistMatch.com and internationally known trainer, author and coach. My personal mission in life is to heal and be healed. My vision is a world populated with healers. And my purpose is to create Heaven on Earth.

My process, called “The End of Anxiety”, is the result over 10,000 hours of intense 1 on 1 counseling and therapy sessions with clients around the world suffering from debilitating anxiety. Through this experience, I have created a powerful process that ends unnecessary anxiety every time…with no medication needed.

You can directly benefit from my years of experience, today.

Why only 42 minutes?  My process, which has been developed and refined over the last 30 years, is extremely efficient at removing anxiety.  My program uses language patterns and a process that successfully allows you to identify the source of the specific anxiety you want to address and surgically removes it…forever.

My process operates directly with both the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind.  As a result, once you have completed the program, the process continues to work in the back of your mind, so that anxiety relief becomes natural and normal.  Since this happens in your unconscious mind, it requires no attention or effort at all.  Your unconscious mind will make it part of the normal background of your life.

I commonly get this question when doing my work:

“If removing my anxiety is so easy, why haven’t I done so already?”

The answer is: “When you don’t know what’s causing your anxiety, you don’t know how you contribute in creating your anxiety, and therefore you don’t stop it. And naturally, if you knew how, you would.  If it were easy, you would. If it were effortless, you would.  You just need to understand how.  I will teach you how in my program.”

If you have been suffering with anxiety for some time, you probably know that there are a lot of products out there that claim to get rid of your anxiety.

You could easily spend $1,000’s in self-help books and audio programs about anxiety that only really talk about what anxiety is and does nothing to fix it (except maybe only tell you to that you’ll have to learn to live with it).

In order to pump up the perceived value (and price!), some programs megaoverload you with hours and hours of content (e-books, audio, videos and PDFs) that would take you literally weeks to get through.  Plus much of this content is fluff, redundant and repetitive – meant to make the product look more substantial, but it really isn’t.

My question to you is: Why sit through all that? Instead of wasting your precious time on dragging yourself through those programs, you can conquer your anxiety and get results in just one sitting with my The End of Anxiety program in only 42 minutes! That is a fraction of the time and that is a fraction of the cost of those other programs.

I guarantee it.

You could be free of the symptoms of anxiety TODAY.


My Process Works With All Forms of Anxiety

My process addresses generalized anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, phobias such as fear of heights, public speaking and flying, agoraphobia, debilitating shyness, Pure O, depression and every related symptom that you want to be free of.

My process is as easy and effortless as it gets.  Because all you have to do is listen and follow very simple instructions.  It is so easy to do, even a child can do it.  You will enjoy it, almost like you are playing a game. And, you can do the program anytime you want to, anywhere you want to, on your own time and in private.  It’s up to you, now.

jTESTIMONIAL “I had a deeply disturbing startle response that was caused by a variety of traumatic experiences and exacerbated by a terrible car accident. It was so extreme that it was not only negatively affecting my well-being, but also my relationships. For two years, I tried EMDR and other counseling methods to cure this anxiety and nothing worked.

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald took me through an effortless process and the extreme startle response was immediately eliminated. I was and am amazed and astonished! As of this writing, I have I have lived in peace for the past two years. I am eternally grateful for the ability to move through life with grace and dignity relieved of the anxiety!”

Dr. Janine H. Burns

TESTIMONIAL “Before going through Dr. Robert’s The End of Anxiety program, I was always anxious about my future. Always, always, always. My chronic thinking went: “How am I ever going to reach my lofty goals and live the life (and lifestyle) I want to live?”, along with dozens of versions on the same theme. I was always second guessing myself and the decisions I was making for myself. Over and over it went in my head, making me anxious, high strung and not easy to be around. It was affecting my self-esteem, my performance at work and my relationships with friends (or what was left of them). I needed to make a change.

After going through Robert’s program, I was truly amazed (and relieved). I was finally 100% free of those chronic thoughts, over analyzing and second guessing. Instead, I feel calm, at peace and most importantly, I feel safe. I no longer feel like I am a prisoner of my anxiety. I feel like I can relax, that I am fine with myself and no longer worry about my future. I know that I am ok, no matter what happens. My life is changed forever and I am so grateful to live a normal life, free of that anxiety. Thank you Dr. Robert!!”

Corey Quinn, Founder of Interpersonal Intelligence, LLC, MBA

What’s Included In My Program

The End of Anxiety program takes less than one hour to complete, with an option to repeat the process over a seven-day period (you will see immediate results the first time you go through the process).  Here’s what’s included when you purchase today (both are included in a digital download):

  • The End of Anxiety42 minute audio program (mp.3 format, so you can listen anywhere)
    • Section One: What is Anxiety?
    • Section Two: Connecting to The Emotional Body Process
    • Section Three: The End of Anxiety Process
    • Section Four: The Wonderful You
  • 17 page workbook (.pdf format)

Purchasing takes only minutes and you will start seeing relief from your anxiety in about an hour from when you begin the process.

Here is a sample of my “The End of Anxiety” audio program:


TESTIMONIAL What a relief! Now that I don’t have to manage anxiety I have the time and motivation to dedicate to give loving attention to more aspects of my life, right now, as it is. I feel more kind, more willing to try new things, and way more playful. In the words of Parker Palmer: “I will always have fears, but I need not be my fears, for I have other places within myself from which to speak and act.”

Annabelle B

How Much Does My Program Cost?

If it were true that you could no longer be trapped by your anxiety, wouldn’t you pay thousands of dollars?

With my program, it is TRUE.

I would typically charge you $1,000 to take you through this process with me 1-on-1.

With the latest digital technology, I can now make this program available and affordable to everyone, including you.

For a limited time, you can have it for only $39.97


When You Purchase “The End of Anxiety” Today, Get My Companion 33-Minute Program FREE:

“Heal The Inner Bully”

Healing The Inner BullyDo you have an inner bully that knows exactly how to speak critically at you?  Are you tired of being your own punching bag? Do you know how to “jab” or putdown yourself in just the right way?  Are you ready to resolve this inner BATTLE TODAY?

In this bonus audio program (digital audio download), featuring an introduction by my wife, Dr. Luzette McDonald, I take you through a powerful process that allows you to instantly and permanently heal and transform your inner bully, so you will never get hurt by it again. You will heal any inner negative voices that have blocked your way to your birthright, self worth, self-esteem and self-love.

An additional $39.97 value, yours FREE when you purchase today.

Here is a sample of my “Heal The Inner Bully” audio program:

Heal The Inner Bully Sample

This Special Bonus Offer Ends SOON, So Act Now. 

What If I Don’t LOVE It?

If you try our program for seven days and the results don’t exceed your expectations, I’ll be happy to refund your money.


End Your Suffering From Anxiety TODAY With My “The End of Anxiety” Program and the SPECIAL BONUS gift “Heal The Inner Bully” program only for $39.97

(a value of $79.94).

Add to Cart

What You Get In Minutes From Now:

A LIFE CHANGING process that will release you from the suffering due to anxiety, with my “The End of Anxiety” ProgramThe End Of Anxiety and Healing The Inner Bully

  • 42 minute audio program (mp.3 format, so you can listen anywhere)
    • Section One: What is Anxiety?
    • Section Two: Connecting to The Emotional Body Process
    • Section Three: The End of Anxiety Process
    • Section Four: The Wonderful You
  • 17 page workbook (.pdf format)


My “Heal The Inner Bully” Program: a 33-minute audio program (also mp.3 format) that will forever transform your inner bully into your greatest ally.



sTESTIMONIAL “I cannot believe how much better I feel! I had so much stress in such a short period of time that I stopped enjoying life. And I had almost no energy. I wasn’t been able to work much because of the anxiety I felt, and the only motivation I had was to eat.

Now I feel happy and light again! I am working again! I am enjoying life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

M.E., Life Coach



Dr. Robert Dee McDonald



To your best life,

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

Co-Founder of MyTherapistMatch.com
Internationally Recognized Trainer, Author and Coach

P.S. Remember: living with unnecessary anxiety is a choice.  You can quickly and easily end your anxiety today with our program, so you can finally live the life you deserve. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


P.S.S. If this sounds like it is something for you and you are having a hard time making a decision, please click this link to email me and I’ll answer your questions.




More praise for Dr. Robert Dee McDonald:

TESTIMONIAL: “I have spent ten years in therapy and feel this program has helped me over come more and in less time.”
Mary F. Chestnut
TESTIMONIAL: “Robert McDonald, truly you are a gift from heaven as you facilitated me in taking major steps toward my purpose of being an effective therapist and a loving human being committed to growth. May I pass the torch on as eloquently as you gave it to me.”
Sally J. Fullmer, MA Therapist
TESTIMONIAL: “I received an immense amount of healing. I got my money’s worth half way through the program.”
Phil Vogel, Roman Catholic Priest
TESTIMONIAL: “I love this guy and I love what he does, and I thank God regularly that he’s on the planet (and I tell him these things regularly).”
Phil Mandel, NLP Master Practitioner and Destination® Coach
TESTIMONIAL: “I am happy to talk to anyone about my experience with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald. I have trained extensively with him, and his work is the foundation of mine. He is one of the master healers of our time, IMHO.”
Renee Stephens, author of Full Filled, Certified Life Coach, MBA

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